The Refinerys Venture Building Platform, our long-term business incubator, provides promising startups with the functional and dynamic business support they need to efficiently engage their strategic growth model.

Through decades of experience at the forefront of innovation, 
world-class expertise, and advanced venture building solutions, we have 
engineered a comprehensive, and impactful venture-building 
platform. The Refinery’s Venture-Building platform helps startups formulate 
and execute growth strategies that efficiently meet their full business, financial, and social potential.

The key element to this platform is an acute understanding of HOW and WHY startup failures occur in the first place.

Plenty of research continues to be published on the matter, with theories 
ranging from wasted potential, insufficient access to capital, or an 
unappreciative market. But the truth is simple, promising ventures primarily fail 
due to a business design configured using an inadequate outlook 
or one that is improperly executed.

  • Inadequate Outlook

  • Improper Execution

Each promising startup requires a venture-building approach that is adaptable and responsive to the fluid 
business conditions from which all startups must emerge.

By leveraging our proprietary systems with our multi-disciplinary team of business innovation strategists, The Refinery provides innovators just such an approach, via a unique catalog of impact-generating business capabilities, each designed to calibrate growth strategies in alignment with the most pertinent business context.


  • R&D and IP management

  • Market contextualization

  • Business intelligence generation

  • Business model optimization

  • Financial optimization

  • Human capital strategy

  • Context driven user-acquisition

  • Product development and design

  • Software and technology roadmap

  • Branding and communications architecture

By working closely with our partner ventures in a stimulating, challenging, participative, and positive environment, we materialize venture potential in the most enriching of ways.

The source of our inspiration lies in the inherent value of what our venture partners are building.

We are all enriched by the manifestation of their vision. Together, we efficiently create scalable, high-impact, wealth-driving ventures.

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Education

  • Life Sciences

  • Consumer Products

  • Energy

  • Technology

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